Health Advisor
Our Team is your Team
Each member of the Benefit Health Advisor team brings expertise and experience, allowing Benefit Health Advisor to provide the highest level of service possible to every client.  We provide best-in-class service so you don't have to worry about the details and intricacies of building a cost-effective, strong benefits package.  The professionals at Benefit Health Advisor have decades of industry experience.  Benefit Health Advisor was started as an opportunity for us to leverage our expertise and understanding in assisting employer groups create and manage successful benefit plans.  Our in-depth understanding of health, wellness, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance plans is exceptional.  But the true difference is that we care.

Each and every Benefit Health Advisor client has a committed service team to provide dedicated service and support.  From implementation to claims service to cost management, our team will provide you with the service and knowledge to manage a benefits plan that meets your expectations.  We make our clients a priority and you will feel the difference.

During regular review sessions, we will assist you with our expertise to maximize each aspect of your plan.  Benefit Health Advisor is a leader when it comes to benchmarking and actionable reporting.  Our team will provide you with the help to establish realistic objectives and develop a strategy to accomplish your company goals.





Today’s health and benefit solutions require knowledge and expertise as well as creative solutions and an efficient service team. 

At Benefit Health Advisor, we pride ourselves in being an innovative, hard-working, experienced team in which you can place your trust. 

From the start, we’ve focused on: 

  • solving problems
  • adding value 
  • minimizing costs
  • providing our clients with measurable results.

Maintaining a quality employee benefits package is crucial for a successful business. 

Together, we can design the Benefits Plan that best satisfies your needs.

 We look forward to joining your organization, bringing benefits knowledge, creativity, and experience to help you build and manage a Benefits Plan that accomplishes all of your organization’s objectives.

"Benefit Health Advisor's knowledge and experience has been a vital asset to our company.  They continually conduct thorough analysis of plan design and use creative techniques to cut costs without cutting benefits."